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What is the SEO strategy for an ecommerce portal?

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Can you recommend me a SEO strategy that works best for an ecommerce website? However, I found a good one on ResultFirst. Can anyone suggest me some more best SEO practices?

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For e-commerce websites, SEO is heavily influenced by the way you interact with your customers and how they interact with you. The main targets for your website is to encourage reviews, add unique and full product descriptions, images and videos with presentation, optimize search in-site, etc. There are the best ones and usually work if they're done properly.

You can find more of these techniques by accessing Google Search. There are plenty websites to choose from.

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There are lots of free and premium WordPress SEO plugins in the web. Check the most popular ones from the official website

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I can help you to SEO for eCommerce portal.
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I did my SEO for and improved its ranking by 50+.

Followed - Neil Patel videos and steps he mentioned.

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