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What IP it is trying to use?

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In one of the earlier versions, when running the program to check on the Port as to open or not, the program would show you the IP address that the program you were trying to run was using. Example: I ran VUZE, and say port 59132, the program would tell you whether that port was open or not, but would also show you the IP that it was looking at, as an example: Port 59132 is not open at that way I knew exactly what IP numbers I had to put in as to forwarding, so that it would actually work. Presently it just tells you that the port is Open, or is Not Open, then have to go into the program and on the port forwarding have to go through 192.168.0.# until I hit the correct last number as to forwarding and then the program works correctly. Anyway to add that back to the program?

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The IP you have to use is actually the one used by the computer. The application doesn't s an IP of its own. If you know the IP of the computer where the application is installed, then you have to open the required port for that IP. For example, I have uTorrent set to listen connections on port 45880 (see image!) and the IP of my computer is Then I know I have to forward port 45880 to IP and that's it. There is no need to randomly guess IPs. Software applications use the IP of the computer where they're installed on.

Additionally, to avoid these complications, simply tick UPnP and the portforwarding will be done automatically. Configure your router to allow UPnP as well.

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