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Activation of PQDVD.

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I installed a new SSD HD. Now, when I try to activate PQDVD, it doesn't work. The developers seem to be out of business, but they still show it for sale. Any ideas, why my reg number doesn't activate online or offline?

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The developers are out of business which means it's impossible to obtain support for their products. If the software uses online activation, then your serial number has become useless. If I were you, I would try to avoid buying apps that don't have official support. There isn't anything to do now since I can't access the website to obtain details about troubleshooting options. You will have to use another application because this one can't be used anymore.

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I agree, PQDVD as well as 123CopyDVD and many others require "Online activation". So if they go out of business or decide you must upgrade, you are SOL. DONT BUY software that requires online activation.

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