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Latest questions about "registration issues"

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1 answer 58 views
GoGear Vibe won’t accept password on registration. Have right amount of letters, symbols and numbers.
asked Dec 28, 2017 by Karen
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1 answer 729 views
The key I've received from the developers can't activate the program.
asked Aug 7, 2017 about AcroRIP
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1 answer 209 views
I purchased RegUtility yesterday. I asked for online assistance to install the application, and now, my key won't work. Please, refund my credit card ASAP.
asked Feb 13, 2017 by SYLVIA CHANDLER about DllKit Pro
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1 answer 62 views
Bought Scalz for Visual CAD couple of years ago and reinstalled on new computer but refuses to accept registration. Says that it is a trial copy that has expired.
asked May 6, 2016 by shod about Scalz
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1 answer 61 views
I've bought DDR Digital Photo Recovery. I've received my KEY program. When I start the program, I must enter my email address name and key to open the program, but I can't click on the OK button.
asked Nov 28, 2015 about DDR - Digital Picture Recovery (Demo)
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1 answer 349 views
I bought Sheridan ActiveThreed Plus 3.02 in June 2000. I installed and registered the product without problems on Windows 7 and Windows 8, but in Windows 8.
asked Mar 27, 2015 by Alejandro Eguinoa (120 points)
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2 answers 219 views
I installed a new SSD HD. Now, when I try to activate PQDVD, it doesn't work. The developers seem to be out of business, but they still show it for sale.
asked Feb 5, 2015 by Duane
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2 answers 1.2k views
I lost my serial number and I need to re-install my Nimofilm PVR software. How can I make it? I have the CD-Rom, but the serial number attached on it is not accepted (3372 000444 001).
asked Nov 29, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 157 views
I purchased C168 CarBrain Scanner by Tomic TEC CO from Autotool Company in 2012.
asked Jun 25, 2014 by SUNIL GUNARATHNE (120 points)
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1 answer 61 views
I paid for the Flex Animator two months ago and no one sent me a key and not a single response to all my email.
asked Jun 21, 2014 by John T Schiffer (120 points)
0 votes
1 answer 86 views
I have not used my BIAS INport for awhile, when I go to use it, it does not accept the serial number, what do I do?
asked May 14, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 101 views
I have downloaded the version 1.0 but it's asking to register. If I press the link it says the page is not available.
asked May 14, 2014 by Sampathkumar (120 points)
0 votes
1 answer 287 views
I bought PowerDVD 13 but my computer was restored to factory settings. I would like to know how to get my key code so I could go ahead and install and without repaying for it again?
asked Apr 30, 2014 about CyberLink PowerDVD
0 votes
1 answer 630 views
I used other programs and I just received an offer for this product. I downloaded it, I acquired the activation code, but when I go to Help > Registration, the program freezes.
asked Apr 12, 2014 about 123 Stream Rip and Replay
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1 answer 198 views
I backed up my computer from XP to Windows 7 and lost my Realtime. It's asking for registration keys but there is no one to call as Roger Butcher has sold it.
asked Apr 10, 2014 about RealTime2020
0 votes
1 answer 85 views
I can't register my PT network camera (OnTop MDL HI8800-HD). I need a user name and a password to register it. I've tried many methods without success.
asked Feb 23, 2014 by PATOPC (120 points)
0 votes
1 answer 98 views
Can anyone tell me how to do this? I've downloaded the app but it keeps asking for a key number. Where will I find this?
asked Jan 13, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 136 views
I registered BandScan and now I want to use it but the error information shows me that the date of the trial expired. I installed it again and again, and the error information still exists.
asked Nov 27, 2013 by raoyong (120 points) about BandScan
0 votes
1 answer 96 views
I use an iPhone and I can't register WhatsApp. It asks for my phone and WiFi Mac numbers. When I enter them, it says that my phone and WiFi number don't match.
asked Nov 16, 2013
0 votes
1 answer 122 views
I have been using this product for some time, but now it's asking me to register or I can't use it. When I tried to register, it's not recognizing my product or the serial number that I have.
asked Oct 28, 2013