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I can't select a screen layout.

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I bought a monitor LG34UM95 which I connected (through HDMI) to my new Aspire R13 Notebook. I installed the Screen Split Software perfectly fine, but can't select any screen layout when I open the little button to decide how I want to split my screen. I searched on everywhere to get an answer but fail to find one so far. Can you guys give me an advice on this?

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It happened for me as well. I installed the application and there was no possible way to activate the layouts. The error message reads: "Split Screen failed to start". However, to make it work, right click the application and select Properties > Compatibility. Choose Windows XP Service Pack 2 from the drop down list and the software will automatically work. Use the image below to see exactly how to make it work.

enter image description here

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Hey Julia_
Thanks a lot for your answer! I trid it all in different compatibility mode but it didn't work out. I have asked straight away the question in one of the LG support department. I am using another software in the meantime.

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I Julia thanks for the solution. My Monitor LG Woks perfectly.
Best Regards,

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I am having the same problem and tried going to Properties > Compatibility and choose all options and not working any other suggestions??

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I spent a whole day wracking my brains out and eventually figured it out.

It can install the wrong driver automatically so you need to go to Device Manager>Monitors. Double click the monitor. If it installed incorrectly, it will be listed as Standard pnp-monitor. Double click it and go to Update driver and click Browse for driver software on your computer then select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. There should be two drivers in here one that is pnp Monitor Standard and one that is Generic Pnp Monitor; you need to select Generic pnp monitor driver then complete the wizard.

I didn't even need to restart, the screen split software just kicked straight in once I did this.

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Answer by "JKA Technologists Limited" worked.
Thank you!

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