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I need software which provides daily news on my desktop. Is it possible ?

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I want to see daily news when I start my PC like Facebook Messenger so please advise any related software regarding this problem.

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I would recommend using Feedreader because it is developed with built-in news sites which are updated regularly. You can download the software from Software Informer. Just click the software's name and navigate down to download link. You have the option to make the software portable to carry it with you on an USB stick or CD/DVD. If you choose to install it, you will be prompted to select the news you want the software to display. Also, you can add your links to news sites by starting the application and pressing F3. Then paste the RSS link you obtain from the main website. Because it's an RSS reader you can configure it to display notifications based on a time interval or when you manually update it.

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I agree, cause there are many of these, but atleast this Feeder is better than some others, even in RSS.

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