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Adding data in Riverbridge Apartments.

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When I try and post a payment in the payment entry window, a pop up tells me:
There is no Bank Detail Record for the year 2015, month 1 for property RIV, bank WELS. Account needs to exist for every year from 2015 to 2007 for this property before a transaction can be posted. What do I have to be able to post my rents? I have not had this problem in the past years. I have version 3.305 Standard.

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Since there is no information about the software on the web or on an official website, I recommend checking the built-in help of the application. According to the error posted above, you will have to manually check the data entered between those years to be able to continue adding other records. It's possible the database is corrupted therefore you might need to add it back once again. Go to HELP menu and browse through the available solutions and instructions.

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