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Assignment of inds to reference populations keeps failing.

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I want to assign 5 individuals to 1 of 2 reference populations (I know for a fact that they originate from one of these populations). I upload a datafile with both reference pops and another file with the 5 samples to be assigned. I then choose "Assign/Exclude pop as origin of inds" and "assign individuals", a Bayesian method by Rannala&Mountain, enable the probability computation following Paetkau et al. 2004 (10.000 simulated inds, 0.01 type I error rate), and include all 10 microsat loci that I have data on.

The output that I then get, suggests that the probability of my 5 samples to belong to either pop is 0 - which I know not to be true.

Any suggestion as to what I might have done wrong would be highly appreciated? Ultimately I have 2 populations and I would like to figure out if there are any genotypes in popA that are unlikely to originate from popA (suggesting they could be migrants from popB or from another population).

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This is a very complicated process and requires extensive knowledge to obtain proper diagnosing. For this procedure, access the official website where you can learn about the program or obtain official support.

There is also an online help page set up by the developer. You can access it on the homepage of the product:

Official website:

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