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What is the best software to remove viruses and malware like "Memory Fixer"?

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What is the best software to remove viruses and malware like "Memory Fixer"?

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I would recommend 3 softwares:

  1. If you are using the registered version of Windows, then use MSSE, i.e., Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free.
  2. If you want a explicit use of the malwares, use Malware Bytes, AntiMalware Pro version, build date 12/15/2012 3.19.28 AM, which is shareware.
  3. Also, if you want to use a all in one, you can use ESET Nod 32, which I would say is the best, but is costly, however, shareware.

Links for all:

Eset Nod 32

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one of te best anti virus programs is AVG it.s got a free verson or a full buyable one that i have got

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The only problem with GMER is that it is based for high end or advanced users. Also, with it scanning the Kernel, it at times hangs the system and it also makes changes to the OS itself, if not properly used. I know GMER is real good, as I have also used it, but still.

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Although the applications mentioned in Vishal Bakhai's post are extremely good and highly recommended, I would like to offer a different approach. Sometimes even if you use antimalware applications or antivirus solutions, there may be leftovers. It means that there could be additional threats hidden in the kernel level of your OS.

To prevent it and scan at a deeper level, you can use GMER. This application scans the services up to Kernel level, meaning that it detects the files that tampered with your OS. Download and install the application and perform a search. If you find any items in red, right click each one of them and select Delete. This way you know that the malware has been deleted completely.

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