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Need to reenter "Trusted" web-sites because I cannot access Hotmail or any other websites.

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Two days ago I received an update to McAfee. Since then whenever I have accessed web-sites I am always advised that the site is "Untrusted" and requires me to understand the risk and add an Exception. This even applies to Google and MV Installer.
However I have been unable to access Hotmail for the past 2 days (no message, it just sits). I can access Hotmail on other computers. I would welcome guidance on what I should do to access Hotmail.


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When you perform an update to these security software solutions. it's possible that the previous settings were reset and that's why McAfee doesn't recognize your websites although you have visited them before. Please keep in mind that adding an URL to the Firewall application in McAfee is not possible and in order to allow Hotmail or any other website to the exclusions list, please follow this step:

Go to Parental control and click on config on the right panel of the software. Then click on the Advance button and filtered web sites on the left panel and add the URL and mark it as Allowed. Perform a computer reboot for the settings to take effect (although is not necessary but recommended) or simply restart your browser and access the websites you want, in your case, Hotmail.

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