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How to restore a particular session in Google Chrome?

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My system crashed and I had a lot of windows open in Google Chrome. When Windows restarted, Chrome asked me if I would like to restore my previous session. Accidentally I closed the program before I was able to press "Restore". I lost all my tabs!!! Is there a way to restore a particular session and not just the last one? It would be very helpful.

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Google Chrome doesn't keep more than 1 session in its memory after a system crash, a failure or a forced closing. When it's opened again it will prompt you to restore the last session when the error occurred. In your case there is no way to bring back the last session instead I would like to suggest you install and use an extension which handles Tabs pretty good by saving them to a secured cloud. The extension is called TabCloud and it's available from Google Chrome extension place. Add it to your browser by clicking on Add to Chrome and the next time an error occurs you will be asked what session you want to restore.

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Ok, thank you for the answer.

I finally installed Chrome Toolbox, which has an option to ASK before closing multiple tabs..

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I do wish that Google would fix this. I like Chrome except for this problem which I have tried to overcome for a couple of years. I simply close my session like I always do with a bunch of pinned tabs. When I reopen it the tabs are all there and I can continue working; except when they don't. Occasionally I reopen Chrome and all my pinned tabs are gone. There was no crash so there is no alert to Restore. I open Chrome and see no tabs so I restore the previous session, but the previous session is the one in which I opened Chrome and found that there were no tabs.
I understand that Google is a fun, open place to work, but I wish they would put down the Foosball and fix this. It does not seem that hard to me that more than one previous session is available to Restore.
BTW, this most often occurs on my laptop when I have moved to a different network either at home or office, both recognized networks on my machine.

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This happened to me, lost 16 pinned tabs. Fortunately had the better history extension installed and was able to go back to a day when all my pinned tabs were open. Once I'd repinned them. I went to bookmarks and chose option to bookmark all tabs. This added a bookmark folder to my bookmark bar. Now if it happens again I can just select this folder rightclick and choose open all bookmarks. Of course I have to pin these tabs again, but it's only a 2 minute job. Will check out the Tabcloud extension too.

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