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Is that OK to play a 4K Blu-ray?

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It's said that 4K Blu-ray is arriving in 2015 Spring, so is that possible to play directly on Mac?

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Of course. With the news of BDA handling high-resolution 4K imagery released, Macgo Blu-ray player has updated to support 4K video lately.
I know this is really good for those who want movies with the very highest quality, yet millions seem happy with streaming video, despite its shortcomings.
Whatever, MacGo is the best solution for this question.

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May Mac Blu-ray Player could play 4K Blu-ray, for it is the original program dealing with Blu-ray files.

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Once the 4K files will be made available in the year 2015, all the video players will be updated to support the files. Basically, nothing will change, except the bitrate, resolution, etc. The MKV will remain the most viable solution to keep the Blu-ray support. You won't need a specific application to play these files. VLC or any other player with Matroska codecs will play the file. It's required to have a very powerful graphics card and CPU. You can obtain video players through Mac Informer.

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