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Why is my Samsung Auto Backup crashing? I unistalled and reinstalled it sevel times: in vain. What can I do?

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I have been using the Samsung Auto Backup since I bought my Samsung External HDD S2 Portable 3. I have used a clean up utility and now my Auto Backup does not run. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times but it seems to start but it does not open and the Windows 7 "turning round small circle" becomes to flicker but does not open it. At times I receive "ISFTimerD does not exist - check up". I have been on this issue 3 days without success. The Help opens - and even when the HDD is not connected it says "I cannot find the HDD". That cleaner has deleted some important file which does not leave Auto Backup to open but since I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it, whatever was deleted should have been settled. So I think the trouble is with a shared .dll file or other - I use Windows 7 Enterprise - Samsung Auto Backup is compatible with this OS. Could you be kind enough to help me solve this issue because I like Auto Backup as it used to work perfectly but now it causes trouble. I would be obliged for your help.

Thanks and regards. B. Vella

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From the very first moment when you launched that clean up applications things have been changed. It seems that the cleaning utility erased or modified a shared .dll entry from the registry or Windows system folder. The problem is not with your software if you said you installed and re-installed but rather with your Windows operating system. I suggest that you should backup your necessary files you have on your Windows partition and perform a clean installation of your operating system. It sounds like this that it is your only option in order to restore functionality of Samsung Auto Backup. In case you have lost your software or want an updated version your could download it from our website from the link I provided.

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