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I can't play Blu-ray disc with VLC.

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I can't play Blu-ray disc "Life oF PI" and "Showgirl" with VLC. Do you guys have the same issue?

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You can't play the Blu-ray discs because the software requires some configuration files. Access the following website: and download the KEYDB.cfg file. Place the file in the following directory: %APPDATA%/aacs/. Type this command in Start > Run.

After this process, download the second file (32 or 64bit) and place it in the installation directory of VLC. The file that you need to download is libaacs.dll.

After this process, reboot VLC and the Blu-ray discs will be available for playback.

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Sometimes, things like this will happen, you need to confirm what caused the problem, Blu-ray disc or VLC player? Can you play your Blu-ray disc "Life oF PI" and "Showgirl" with VLC with other player?

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I also set VLC as my default player. But when I play Blu-ray, I have to open Macgo Blu-ray player cos VLC always popped up error message.

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Can you play other Blu-ray discs with VLC? If you can, the reason maybe your Blu-ray discs have some problems. If can't, the reason is VLC. As I know, VLC does not support playback of commercial Blu-ray discs with copy protection. Those require decryption keys, which only a commercial player can provide. The reason is that direct playback of commercial Blu-ray discs is restricted and requires decryption keys. Without internet access to a decryption server or a standalone player with the keys built-in, they will not play.

So you need to download a professional blu-ray player, and you don't mention your OS, then I recommend you Macgo, Which has two versions, you can play blu-ray on both Mac OS X and Windows.
You can download here:

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