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Older Parsons discs to 8.1 system information.

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I have a number of older Parsons discs that I would like to still use. Will they work on the new Windows 8.1 system? If not what is the best way to update them?

  1. Software Remover Plus -- Version 3.0
  2. PC Copy Center 2.0
  3. Ultimate Label Maker 2.0
  4. Screen Shot Deluxe 2.0
  5. Atomic Clock 5.0

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You can try installing these applications in Compatibility mode to Windows XP. There are no updates available for them, but in case they don't work, then you'll have to install Windows XP through virtualization. Virtualbox is a good application that can be used to have a Windows XP virtual machine running inside Windows 8.1. It's the best way if you keen on having these installed. There are also other alternatives that can be downloaded for the Windows 8.1 operating system. Access the database of Software Informer to look for them.

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