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How can I run .exe files on Mac?

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I want to download six updates for my Mac to get the pre-alpha version of the game Day Z. I got six updates, unfortunately, they are in the format of an .exe file so I cannot open it. Are there any programs to help me open this?

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Opening .exe files isn't possible because of the operating system not designed for such things. The only way to do this is to run a virtual machine containing Windows XP/Vista/7 with the help of Parallels Desktop or Crossover. These applications have the ability to emulate Windows operating systems inside your Mac.

Please follow these steps in order to run a Windows system inside your Mac:

  1. Download one of the applications I mentioned (you can get it here or from a developer's website. Moreover, there are trials available).
  2. On your Mac, double click the package you downloaded and when it prompts drag and drop the icon of the software into the Applications folder.
  3. Start the application using CMD+Space and type Parallels or from Applications folder.
  4. Use the wizard to create a virtual machine (choose the operating system, the amount of ram, running mode and storage).
  5. Have an installation CD with Windows system and insert it into CD/DVD-Rom.
  6. Start the installation procedure and follow on the on-screen instructions.
  7. You don't need to install any drivers because the process is automatic.
  8. Download your software inside Windows environment and run it as if you are working on Windows.

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