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How do I locate the email I looked for?

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The "Search" facility in Thunderbird is easy to use so far as one can call up and see the wanted email that contains the search string. However, when that email is part of an ongoing conversation, it is necessary to identify which folder the email has been placed in. When a searched-for email is displayed during a search process, how does one tell where in the folder tree it is located? One hasn't really "found it" until he knows where it is.

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There is an ongoing discussion related to this request on the Mozilla Support forums. The request seems to be the same, and the users who responded to the questions provided solutions in terms of add-ons and such. Access the page and read the answers from the users. You will have the possibility to install an add-on by default in order achieve what you want. It seems the Thunderbird doesn't offer the possibility to locate exactly the email in an on-going discussion.

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(From Richard Schurmann again)
After very careful reading, and trying the suggested add-on, I cannot see any connection between my question and Julia's solution. I want to find an email: not a folder to put it in. How do I find where an email is? When I use the Thunderbird "Search" and I have the searched for email on my screen, how do I tell which folder I am then in?

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