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Can I use an Android tablet to view camera images on a certain location?

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I know I can remove my SD card from the camera and insert it in an Android tablet and use an image viewer of some kind. Is there a way I can use a USB cable to view camera content on an Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12")? Lightroom is not yet available for Android. It is on Windows so I could use it with a Windows tablet, but want to avoid this if possible.

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The USB cable works just the same as the SD card procedure. Instead of connecting the SDcard to your computer, you can view the images directly by attaching the device on the computer. If you want to view live images, then you'll need a compatible application created for this purpose. You can use one of the available apps on the Play Store to connect to your DVR system to view the cameras. Browse to the Play Store and pick one that suits your needs.

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