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CP2103 compatability.

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we are all grateful to you for creating such a great piece of software, but having some electronic ability I was going to use a commercial USB adaptor (CP2103) as it is a fraction of the cost of the Shoestring GPUSB. Will your software talk to any USB interface or does it send commands to a specifically addressed device? If so, what is it?

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No, the USB adapter will not work with the application, because the mentioned supported products are more than simple cables. They also have additional schematics and modules embedded. For more information access the official website where all the supported products are listed.

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Thanks for your response, but it appears to indicate that you didn't really understand the question. The CP2103 I referred to is an active device, which converts USB data to GPIO pins, not just a simple cable. I am no expert on USB protocol, but I believe that messages have a target address embedded within them. Hence, the Guidemaster software must have a target address to which it send the RA and Dec commands. I simply wanted to ask if anyone knew what it was, so that I could program the CP2103 accordingly.

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