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I have lost my User guide..

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I have lost the iconon my desktop for "User Guide (Pakard Bell Info Centre).It is also missing on the programmes section when I click on Help and support. Could ypu please help me to restore this info as I need it to understand the features on my computer. Thank you. Peter.

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You should be able to do a recovery of the system which will restore things the way they were a couple of days ago or a point in time nominated by you. 1. In Windows click on the Windows Icon on your toolbar.
2.Open Help and support.
3.In the text box type "Restore".
Many suggestions will be listed. On my computer in Windows No 11 is the one you need "Restore system files and settings". You can choose the "Restore point" here. Please take note of all that it tells you. Files are not lost. I hope this helps as I advertently changed settings on my computer which were really annoying.

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