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I have been using ScreenCapture-Pro for over a year now. When I first installed, it had an annoying glitch that seemed to clear up over time. But now since upgrading to Yosemite it has started again. That is, the Record Computer Audio check box would become unchecked between launches and when I would check it against would open the web page to download Greatdy Audio, and direct me to download the greatly app all over again. This is happening now practically overtime I launch the app, and it has caused me to miss some important recordings. It is also very aggravating.

I looked for an upgrade on the Apple Store, and it was not there. So I Googled your name and found this page. Do you have an upgrade for Screen Capture-Pro v. 2.1.3? Which is what I am using? I like the app except for this bug.

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This application hasn't been updated for almost 2 years. There is a link on the App Store, but it leads to a Chinese website. You are advised to contact him at the following email address: I couldn't find a support section on its website or something related to this process. That email is the only possible way to contact him.

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