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Convert ZIP and ISO files on an iMac

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Your answer doesn't relate to an iMac OS X version 10.7.4. The extracted files from my ZIP file had extensions ISO and 7Z. The 7Z file could be extracted by Stuffit Expander, but the files are EXE files. My iMac can't do anything with .exe files so the RealPlayer can't play the video. What to do?

How can I extract them to be playable on an iMac?

Thanks for you reaction in advance.
Ed Abeln.

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You are trying to open EXE files with RealPlayer which is not possible. If you actually know that the ISO file contains video data, then a simple double click on the ISO will mount it and then you can use RealPlayer to access the video files store inside the ISO. From what I understand, it seems that the ISO is actually a DVD image in this case RealPlayer needs to be pointed to the folder that is mounted and it will do the rest.

asked Sep 25, 2012
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.ZIP and .ISO files on an iMac

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