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Using KERVISU with a Conexant HDA D330 MDC V.92 modem.

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Is it possible to use Kervisu using a "USB key integrated modem" (it's a Huawei modem set as GPRS device in a Vodafone Internet Key) instead of a "Standard" modem?

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There is no information about USB integration or v92 modems. Since the Napac Kervisu has been updated to version 2, there is no mention about the possibility to use a USB or a V92 modem. You have the possibility to download the new version from the Schneider website and the only way to test the application is by installing in.

On a side note, the application allows you to configure the modems installed in your computer. Just make sure to fill all the details then test the connection through Communication Link available in the tree menu.

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