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How do I stop the request for me to download the software?

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Every time I change my screen, I get a window that asks me to allow a new download from Adobe. I can't stop this and it is annoying. If I want to get a new version, I want to do it on my own time without these intrusions!

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Yes. Please do not avaoid this pop ups, as these relate to the updates. These are essential for a better performance within your explorer.

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The window or the pop-up that is bugging you is from Adobe Flash Player. You shouldn't ignore these updates because they can't harm your computer and your file-system. Adobe Flash Player ensures you rich experience over the Internet while watching animations, videos on YouTube or other video website, games and so on. The update should take 1-2 minutes is completely automatic. Close all your browsers and follow the on-screen instructions in order to perform the update.

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