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Another question about Pradis 6.

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Thank you for your rapid reply to my question Zondervan’s Pradis 6. Alex Urbach provided clear advice which I had no difficulty following. Of the scenarios he gave me, I found the following was the best. “There is the case, where these two programs have been merged one into another. This allows you to access the other one within the first application you've installed.” This is exactly what had happened but the program froze when I used any tools. I decided to uninstall both programs and load the one I used the most - if that loaded and worked, I would leave well enough alone. It loaded successfully and I thought I was in the clear!

However, again I was unable to use any of the tools in the program, for example I was able to highlight text but when I right clicked to copy - nothing happened so I tried to copy from edit. The screen then went light/pale and above the toolbar was the message “Pradis - MyStudy - (not responding).”
After around 40 seconds, the screen then cleared and some 30 seconds later the drop down selection list appeared as a white rectangular shape. Running the cursor over it caused the commands to appear and then I was able to copy the text and paste it. I hope you can decipher what I am trying to explain. Again, I would appreciate your invaluable advice.

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This error is usually encountered when the application wasn't developed to run on the operating system you're using or it simply has bugs. Since there isn't a general fix or a patch, you might need to try a few solutions like running the software while the other background processes are turned off. Close all the applications and then run Pradis again. Alternatively, check the settings of the application and reset them to default then relaunch the software.

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