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A question about Pradis 6: The Expositior's Bible Commentary.

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After successfully loading The Expositor's Bible Commentary Version version 6 on my replacement computer, I then loaded The Understanding the Bible Library version 6.

However, only The Understanding the Bible Library showed up on the list of programs when I click start. And yet a visit to the Add or Remove list in Control Panel shows both programs listed as being installed. Did I do the wrong thing in loading one program over the other? How do I load both programs without one eclipsing the other? Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

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As I can see, these are two different applications. Because of that, in Add or Remove, they're listed as 2 separate programs. If they're installed correctly, you can access both of them from Start > All Programs. There is the case, where these two programs have been merged one into another. This allows you to access the other one within the first application you've installed.

Additionally, one program might act or be a replacement for the other one. If you want both applications installed, create another Windows user from Control panel and then right click one application and select RUN AS. This will install the application separately.

asked Oct 16, 2014 by Kevin Drinkell
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Another question about Pradis 6.

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