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Downloaded Orb Caster and my antivirus has locked down the Install Genie file.

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I bought orb WiFi music streamer and I downloaded Orb Caster from Mac Informer, however, when it was dropped into my downloads folder, the virus checker in Mackeeper locked it down and informed me of its risk to my system and recommends that it should be quarantined. The file is ADWARE/OSX.Geonei.18.

Are you aware of any issues with this? Has anyone else used Orb Caster and had problems? Is it safe to bypass Mackeeper and treat it as being over cautious? I use a 2011 Macbook Pro with the latest OS. I run Mackeeper in the background to ensure no malware makes it passed, so I would really like to get some feedback to set up Orb and stream my music.

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Sometimes the applications are bundled with "paid installers" from the developer. Add the package to exclusion list and then launch it. While the installer starts, you will be prompted to install other software as well. Simply deny the procedure, until you reach the real installation and that's it. Unfortunately, this is a monetization procedure used by many developers to boost their profit.

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