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Viber blocked my number.

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Viber blocked my number and sent me this mail: "Our system has identified your Viber number as a source of spam messaging due to an increased activity on Viber. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked." What should I do?

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Unfortunately, you cannot unblock your number once it has been blocked by the company. My advice is to transfer the contacts from the SIM card on your phone and then buy a new SIM card and activate it on Viber. Viber works with SIM card numbers. There is no possibility to reactivate your old account as it's permanently banned.

asked Oct 25, 2014 by djmom
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SIM information for Viber.
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The previous answer is wrong. Viber not only blocks the number you used but also the actual phone you used so there's no way you can ever have viber working on the phone again (even if you change numbers)

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yes you are right viber blocks the number and the phone together and if you activate a new number it willbe blocked after some minutes.both number and phone should be changed.
I am the uniq one in the world whose number was removed from block list by viber and could reactivate the same number on the same phone.
after been blocked my number I sent a request to viber support team and asked to remove my blocked number from their list.after a moment they replied to me and removed my number from the blocked list and I could reactivate my number again and there is no problem sofar.
but after sharing this successful expert with the other blocked users they were not successful and after contacting to viber support team never received the same reply from viber and their number was not removed from block list.I am a man from iran and viber is speardly used in my country but misfortunatly users are identified one by one as a source of spam and being blocked
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Could you share what did you write to them, please? Because I did it many times and nothing. Someone calls Sharon just did nothing. Absolutely nothing. It is amazing how it is possible. It is OK when the system make "mistake": more massages -  blocked the account. But if you have contacted the real person in their support department, explained what is the situation, and especially when there was not any report for spam, because your massages are not spam .... I can't believe it!!! And what suppose to do for Christmas? Obviously you can not use Viber if you want to have your Viber account after that ..........  
Please help.
If somebody know some way to contact someone who is not from Viber support - this useless first level of support, please let me know. How is the way to escalate the problem to somebody who know how to solve it?
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Just email viber and tell them that you mobile was stolen, tell them you bought a new phone and new sim card with the same number but you can't activate viber for some reason. Act dumb. It worked for me and they took me off the black list. Everytime they block you just send a email to viber but with a new email Everytime. Hope it works out for you guys

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