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ZoneAlarm backup information.

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Due to a malfunction, I had to reload my computer, most of my data was recovered with the exception of my ZoneAlarm Backup software. Without this I have no access to my stored backups.

When I try to reinstall this software I get a ZoneAlarm indication at the bottom of the screen then if disappears without the software loaded or an error message.

Java is functioning and my ZoneAlarm firewall is disabled. I can't access the Windows firewall via the Control Panel as it does not work, though everything else on the Control panel appears to work.

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The application you are trying to install isn't available anymore. The whole server has been changed to online Cloud backup. This means there is no application you can install on your computer and the fact that you receive an error when you install it is because of the compatibility. You can find more information about the service using its online website.

Additionally, access the installation directory for ZoneAlarm Backup and right click the launcher (executable). Select Properties > Compatibility and choose a prior version of Windows than the one installed in your computer.

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