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Problem with the Secret Zone.

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This message is a call for help! In fact, I put all my photos on an external 1TB hard SAMSUNG M3. Wanting to make the recovery DVD of Windows 8, my hard drive connected via USB and a blank DVD in the drive, I did not pay attention and it formatted my hard drive as a USB drive (FAT32 32GB). More access to my files. I have recovered much of the software "Active File Recovery". The problem is actually the encrypted partition with "Secret Zone". I recovered as a "MSR" file that contains personal files that I would like very much to recover. Do you have a solution to offer me as a procedure? I would be very grateful.

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This problem has been discussed before and it seems there is no solution for the MSR file. Even if you recover the files, the Secret Zone will still need to the same intact partition. There is no information about a possible recovery file to use to access the files in the MSR archive. Try to avoid writing to the HDD and make sure you have the MSR file to a safe place then contact your local Samsung supplier, reseller, technical support, etc. You should obtain information related to this error. They're the only ones that might have a solution.

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Thank you for your answers.
I do not despair! I will try with Clarus the company that created the software "Secret Zone".
Have a good day.

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