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Future WinJoe and MVV 3000 on Windows 8.

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I have a MVV 3000 microscope camera which works perfectly on my Windows 7, but it doesn't work on my Windows 8 system. I tried several times to install the software from "Future WinJoe" without success. I copied the program's files from Windows 7 to my Windows 8 system, then ran WinJoe.exe directly from Windows Explorer. This way, I was able to make it run. However, I still can't use the camera. I have worked through Control Panel > Programs > Run Programs made for previous versions of Windows, which enabled me to populate video / camera properties, but the camera / video still won't work. Is there something that I can do to overcome this?

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Even if you can run the program on your Windows 8 system, in order to use the camera on this one, you will need to download and install the appropriate drivers. It is stated on the following website, that the manufacturer of your device has released a version of the driver that is compatible with Windows 8. However, on the site mentioned, there isn't any reference for a download link. In this matter, you can contact the developer in order to obtain a download link for the driver.

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Many thanks for responding Aiden.
Eventually made contact with the developer, who was VERY helpful. They emailed a Win8 install & drivers, which worked straight off out-of-the-box. Looks like the future WinJoe site has now been updated with Win8 downloads, but as my system is now working, have not bothered to check them out for functionality.

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