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How can I delete my Samsung account in Samsung GT-S525?

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How can I delete my Samsung account in Samsung GT-S525?

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To delete your Samsung Account:

Go to and tap Sign In.

Enter your Email and Password and then tap Sign In.

Tap Profile.

Tap Delete Account and enter your password.

Tap Continue -> I accept -> Confirm -> Confirm.

When you delete your Samsung Account, your details will also be withdrawn from all connected Samsung services. In addition, all information that belongs to your account, such as downloaded items, purchase history, etc. will also be deleted.

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This is a BadaOS enabled device, but the process is the same as for Android one. Go to applications list > Settings > Accounts. Tap on the account you want to remove then press Delete account. All your services based on the Samsung account you're about to remove will stop working. Make sure you've backed up the data from those applications. If the Samsung account is required by your phone, this process will not be available, therefore, the only way to remove the account is through factory resetting from Privacy/Security > Factory reset.

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