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How to recover deleted sms from Samsung Wave 5253 having bada OS 1.1?

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My phone deleted my text messages from the inbox when I had only selected e-mails to be cleared. Is there any software that helps recover SMS for Bada 1.1 OS phones? I only seem to find Android recovery software online wherever I look. I'm sure people accidentally deleted SMS before Android came long, so there has to be some software for Bada 1.1 right?

I have lots of really important messages that I need to recover. If someone could provide any information or solution regarding this, I would be really grateful.

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Unfortunately, you can't recover the SMS messages unless you have some sorts of backup. There are applications that state they can recover the deleted SMS messages, but it's all a scam. The SMS are saved on the internal storage. It's known that you can't recover the items on the internal storage because of the file system (EXT/EXT4).

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Hey Julia,
Thanks for taking the interest and time to reply. I have kinda come to terms with the loss of those sms now although I'm really annoyed that phone manufacturers didnt think of putting a recycle bin concept like in pc's to save our files from accidental deletion. My phone didn't have a backup facility so I had no way to avoid this situation. :(
Anyway,thanks again.


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