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How to clear out the text files?

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I am trying to use Dream Scroller to display song lyrics and guitar chords. I have entered a number of .txt files into Dream Scroller and they are scrolling, but now that I want to change the song files, I can't get the initial files out of Dream Scroller. Is this a bug, should I be able to remove file names from a list and put in new ones or does the application not work that way?

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I was provided with an answer however when I followed the answer it did not solve my problem.  If I have a text file scrolling and I select a different text file to scroll, instead of replacing the previous text file the app appends the second text file and after a while I find it is scrolling all text files I have been texting with.  I cannot delete the file name in the setup window, I can only select a different file.  The app does not replace the original text file it appends the new text file.  I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it but the program behaves the same.  I am running windows 8.1.  Is this a factor?

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The application is working normally. Simply right click the displaying area and go to Settings. If you have the messages loaded one by one, simply click Remove or switch the TXT file using the browse button. When enabled, this option will override the messages section. Use the image below to get around things:

enter image description here

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