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No tags in the graphic editor.

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I am currently using Vijeo Citect 7.4 and I would like to import my Unity Pro XL variable database.

I import it using the express wizard and Unity SpeedLink to OFS. Once everything is ready, all the tags are imported from Unity to Vijeo Citect.

When I open the variable tags I can see all my new tag created, but when I open a new graphic page and try to configure a button or a symbol set with a tag there is no tag in the tag box.

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Even if you import the tags, these shouldn't appear right away. You need to configure them using the Tagging Process Variables process. Since you are familiar with the software, you should know how to access it. Additionally download the user guide and look at the tags section. You might need to reconfigure them before the items can be selected. Access the Google Search results list and download the PDF file.

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