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I can't change my home page in Webfreer

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I use Webfreer and by some mistake that happened with my settings now I can't change my home page to the one I want. What should I do?

asked Dec 18, 2012 by anonymous
edited Dec 29, 2012 by Nadia B

5 Answers

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As I can see, the Webfreer website redirects to Google and because of that I cannot provide additional information as the website, in my opinion, has been discontinued along with the application.

A way to deal with this issue is to completely uninstall the application and then perform a new installation if you have the package. This way the settings will reset to default allowing you to perform additional customization.

answered Dec 19, 2012 by Andrew Constandache (100,060 points)
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no . its not true way . not work . we should found another way .

answered May 19, 2013 by anonymous
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First close WebFreer.

go to this location :
C:\Users\%user name%\AppData\Local\Web Freer\User Data

and then open "Local State" file with an editor like Notepad++.
search "" in this file and then replace it with "".
save changes and close the editor.

then right click on the "Local State" file and go to Properties and in the attributes section click "Read-Only".

That's It. Now your homepage is changed to

answered Dec 29, 2013 by anonymous
Thank you "anonymous"

This is the location in windows 7 but it is hidden and it should be change in view setting beforehand.

C:\Users\1\AppData\Local\Web Freer\User Data

 in "Local State" file can be either "" or ""

This will change Homepage but unfortunately cannot change new tab "" or "" which is so annoying.
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thanks its helped me,,i am so happy no I also get rid of adds as well,,,thanks for helping me,,,,,,Faisal Rizwan Butt Lidher Lahore Pakistan

answered Apr 21 by anonymous
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You can also install "Block site" extension, and set any URL you wish to be redirected to about:blank or anywhere you like!

answered May 27 by anonymous

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