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How to use external hd with samsung 101 note?

You may find the answer in the thread:

In FAT 32 its maximum file size is 4GB, so i cant read files larger than 4GB. Any solution for large MKV files? or Any solution for NTFS hard disks? Thank you.  
... external USB connector/parallel cable for the Galaxy Note 10 ... works great. Remember: The note 10.1 will not read ... I have to power it externally, but that is not a ... if you have an external power source.  
... issue with my galaxy note 10.1. Here's what ... as easily as mounting an external drive to a pc or ... custom ROMS on your galaxy note 10.1, do a search for ... "galaxy note 10.1 xda" and click ...  
... the Galaxy note 10.1 recognizes that there is an external drive at ... message its "A high powered external its connected" Its weird cause ... the Galaxy Note II can actually powered the external drive and ...  
buy the usb extension for your tablet it only cost like $3.00 on ebay.  
I am afraid that connecting a portable hard drive to the tablet is not possible because the tablet has no way of adding devices like these (Eg: hard disks). If you want to transfer files and data from ...  

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