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Why wont my wifi button work on my laptop?

You may find the answer in the thread:

We just installed windows 10 upgrade and it apparently changed bios for our wifi so we reset the bios, Bios reset worked! Thank you!  
Thank a ton it works now through device manager disabling and enabling thanks once again  
I just installed new updates from Microsoft and it fixed the problem.  
Go into Device Manager as admin and clikc "enable" this should work  
... -> unselect all options. This worked for me!  
... internet for a solution but nothing worked, no downloads or other things ... to check: Click the start button, go to devices and printers ... if needed. For me it worked on the spot. Good luck ...  
Thanks so very much, the Bios reset works perfect for me! Thank you!  
Tried all 3, still the light will not go blue.. :(  
Go to device manager and network adapters selelct and enable  
I can not turn on wireless how can HPsoft download the pakage for my computer???!!!!  
... the same problem with this laptop. The Wireless light was staying ...  
... it On. If this doesn't work, don't panic, because there are ...  

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