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Problems with compatibility with phone and apps.

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First cell phone and first app: Moto G, Nova Launcher, Cell Soft EasyViewer app.

When I use the contacts list, my cell phone volume shuts down and I have to remember to bring it back on every time. There are several other problems but I will start with this one first. It is a good app but before I purchase it, I need to know if it has inherent problems.

I also would like to know if there are others here that use EasyViewer.

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I wouldn't recommend on using the EasyViewer application if you have problems with it or the phone shuts down while in use. This is major draw back and you need to find another solution because there is no trace or activity about EasyViewer which means support and bug report isn't available. Use Google Play and search for other applications. However, instead of using Nova Launcher, switch to Apex launcher. It's more stable and flexible.

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Interesting response. Do you have first hand experience with EasyViewer? Do you know that these are problems specific to EV? I never mentioned that it shuts down the phone, have you known EV to do this?

My comment mentions that it the volume that gets shut down. Do you have any experience with that?

I cannot determine if you are answering from experience or mere supposition. How can you make that first statement? Every piece of software has problems. I would rather find out if the problem is real or not first before trashing what could be a good app.

So far, I have no real response on this so I cannot determine if it is a conflict with something else in the phone instead of in the app.

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