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Problems with Stidia VNP Shield.

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Have anyone had no power issue on their laptop with Stidia VPN Shield installed?

I bought it because this has better rating for my Amazon Kindle. I installed it on my laptop in April 2014 and in June, there is no power even when it plugged into an outlet.

In June I installed VPN Shield on my phone and a few weeks later the battery usually lasted about 3 full days now don't even last more than 12 hours.

Could these issues be caused by the VPN?

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The VPN Shield application doesn't have anything to do with the laptop's functionality. In the worst case, it messes up the networking settings but that's it. It doesn't affect its battery. The problem must be caused by a hardware fault.

When it comes to a portable device, the battery is directly influenced by the Internet connection and yes, VPN Shield might be the cause to battery drains. I would advise you turn it off after its usage.

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