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How do I open an MP4 that is zipped on my Galaxy S3?

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I had a file sent to me via email. Once I received the email I opened the attachment and was sent to a website and opted to download using Internet or Google Drive.

After I selected Internet it said an email was sent to owner for approval. The owner approved and I was then able to download the file to my phone.

It says the file is in the MP4 format and it is zipped. I've downloaded Winzip and a few other programs but I'm not familiar how to use it. I've unzipped file and also tried playing it but it says it's unable to play? Am I using the wrong app?

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I would advise to access that email address on your computer because it's possible you have downloaded a totally different file format and because of unknown reasons it turned out as a ZIP file or you have been tricked into downloading malware. The easiest way is to access the email on PC and download the file again then upload it to VirusTotal for scanning and yes you can use WinZIP to unzip it. Right click the file and select UnZIP.

Try playing it on your computer with VLC.

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