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Free space problems

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I saw a notification that my laptop C drive has little free disk space left. There is only 5% space left on it. I am using Windows 7. How can I try to cope with this partition problem? Do I have to buy a larger drive instead of the original one? Please, help me.

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What version of Windows are you using?
If you are using Windows 7 or 8, you can try to process this low disk space problem in three ways:
1). Delete some unnecessary files or programs on your C drive to free the drive space.
You can have many ways to free up your C drive space, like deleting some useless files/folders, uninstall some unnecessary programs and running the Disk Cleanup tool.
2). Extend your C drive in Disk Management
Back up everything important on another drive, shrink your rest partition with enough free space and extend your C drive by right clicking it in Disk Management.
3). Apply some partition resizing tools.
If you are not so familiar about the partition resizing tuffs, you can directly use some partition resizing tools like: GParted, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, Active Partition Master and more.
PS: Always back up everything important well before resizing partition in case of data loss.

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Hey! If you have more than one partition on this laptop, you can try to add the free space from other partition to this partition. So, firstly check whether there is enough free space, shrink or delete this partition immediately in Disk Management and right click this C partition to extend it there.

But, if the free space is not adjacent to this C partition, the partition often cannot be easily extended in Disk Management. Simply apply a third party partition resizing tool to help you out.

To know more detailed information of partition extending, read this article here:
Save all important partition data on different locations in advance.

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In fact, as I know, whether you should buy another larger drive often depends on whether there are enough free space left on the same physical drive of your C partition. If there is, simply try to move the free space from other partitions to this C partition, by using Disk Management tools or some third party partition resizing programs.
But, if there is no enough free space left, just spend some money replacing this old hard drive.
Here is a video that can teach you how to extend your C partition space in different ways:
Also make data backups well before the extending process in case of unwanted data loss.
Good luck!

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I recommend using Acronis Disk Director. I have used this application for a very long time and it hasn't caused any problem with my hard disks. You can download a trial copy from the official website.

Official website:

I also recommend downloading the user guide where all the procedures are explained. To extend a volume, right click it, choose Extend, and then select the partition where it should take space from. Click Apply and wait for the process to complete. The computer is to be rebooted to finish changes.

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