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Saving telegram messenger chats as a TXT document.

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Telgram Messenger Android saves chats on cloud storage. I badly need a plugin or software so that I can save the chats as a document to mail it to someone.

P.S: A loop hole is that we can select each message individually by long pressing it. We just need an app which selects all messages together to save time.

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Unfortunately, Telegram Messenger doesn't have a way to save the chats as a TXT document. The tech support said that if you have a certain request, it should be addressed from Telegram > Settings > Ask a question. You can ask for a feature like this using the built-in form.

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You can select the chats you need to save, then click on copy icon on top of the page. then open a note file and paste it. problem is it does not show the date and who send it, I just manually add them to the note file.

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