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E-book activation and code generation.

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I intend to make and sell e-books across the mobile devices. And of recent I came across Open Heavens 2014 in Google Play and I downloaded it on my handset and after the installation it asked for "Please enter your PIN to activate the app. You can visit the website to purchase an activation code".

I see this as a very good way of controlling the piracy, coping and duplicating the e-book. Is there any of my seniors in this forum that knows how to go about this type of e-book protection? Generating the pin code to protect the application?

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There are multiple solutions for ebook protection, and one of them is EditionGuard. It can help you set up your store and provide DRM protection using quality ADOBE DRM services. Visit the website to find more information about it. After you enter the PIN for the ebook, it can be redistributed while the Adobe DRM forbids it.

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