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VISA Edit Package 4.0 and silent install switches.

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I have to package this application with custom settings and obviously with a silent install in order to deploy by SCCM 2012.

I just found some parameters to install it but I'm really not pretty sure how to use them.

For example there are 3 options and I just want to install the client so the property for that is: BTNCLIENTORSERVERORBOTH=1 according to the MSI Tables but if I put it on my cmd it will not bypass the question so I had to modify the property by myself directly on the table to set =1 as by default is =3 >> Server and Client install.

msiexec /i Setup.msi /qn ALLUSERS=1 BTNCLIENTORSERVERORBOTH=1 /lv /lv C:\Logs\EditPackage4.0Visa.log

For ALLUSERS=1 it works but before it finish the install it will prompt to set the Server Name, Server Folder and Port and there's no such setting for it on the Tables. Unless there's a custom action I didn't noticed.

Any info will be appreciated.

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The server name, folder, and port are options offered by the application and not the installer, which means you will have to enter them manually since the installer doesn't have support to provide values in the command line. Since the server name, folder and port, might change, you can't define them in the CMD line. However, use the link you've created but specify that while the software is installing to also pay attention to additional configuration.

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