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Widevine keybox test information.

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Is there any reason to keep this. Or should it be removed? I have just recently found it on my phone which is an LG Optimus G. I Love the phone however, I am looking to clean out anything and everything that might be taking up space, or Ram. I would like to be able to have my phone running smoother and better. Any help with the issues causing me concern? Thank you in advance for any help. You might be able to help me with my phone. If there is a list of apps/programs/system files that might be able to be removed to make this phone work better.
Thank you very much for your help and attention to this question.

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This is just a simple application that can be deleted from your phone without affecting the functionality. It's deployed by LG and it's rarely used in security and typing problems. The app is included in the official list with bloatware applications. To remove it, the phone needs to be rooted because it's marked as a system app. You can find rooting methods for this phone on the XDA Developers Forums.

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