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Is Mozila Firefox faster than the Google Chrome browser?

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Is Mozila Firefox faster than the Google Chrome browser?

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FIREFOX is Faster.
We have tested both the browsers in good and bad conditions.
in good internet speed performance of both browsers are fast But,
when it comes to slow internet speed, we find that Firefox is Fast due to it's fast cach recognition process.

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I have used both Chrome and Mozilla and in my opinion Firefox browser work seems well, and its page loading is also good compare to chrome.

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it depends on what you're doing with your browser google chrome works faster since the interpretation time and the javascript engine... but firefox is similar to chrome but it may require some ms longer to load something as i know... but this depends on what hardware your computer has how fast your connecting speed to the internet and website/server is.

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Both browsers are very fast when it comes to performance on websites. However, users might find that one offers different advantages over the other. To find about technical details such as speed, loading speed, memory footprint, startup time, etc., access Google Search. There are various tests performed on various websites which could give you a clue about these two mentioned browsers.

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