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How to copy .ppt file to cd using infrarecorder?

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How to copy .ppt file to cd using infrarecorder?

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In order to burn files to Infrarecorder you should first download the software and install it using its simple installer provided then start the application, insert a blank CD and start adding files. When you first start the application, choose what type of media you want to create using the built-in wizard.

While the application is open you will see two sections, one above and a bottom one. On the upper side is the content of your computer. To add files to disc, browse where the content that needs to go to disc is and drag it on the bottom area. Then using the main menu go to Actions > Burn Compilation> Select ...To a compact Disc and a new window will pop-up where you can choose burning speed and other options. I have attached an image where you can see the burning window with settings which optionally you can configure.

Burn Compilation @ InfraRecorder

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