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How do I permanently delete personal data from my iPhone?

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Hi guys,
I planning to sell my old iPhone 4 and before that I want to delete my iPhone data permanently. I’ve heard that deleting files from iPhone or using Restore option isn't enough as the deleted data can be recovered by data recovery programs that are easily available on the internet. Is it true? If yes, then please tell me how to erase iPhone data like text messages, photos, videos, etc. permanently? Thanks!

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Most people think that the “Erase All Content and Settings” option permanently delete data from iPhone or any other iOS device. But I’ve heard many stories of sold iPhones and iPads being dug into with recovery tools and data/info stolen. So you must zero out that section of your iPhone's drive with the tools like safeeraser for iOS and iShredderr or your data will still be retrievable. Do check this:

Source: My best friend is working in a reputed data recovery company.

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You can restore your phone to factory settings but I guess it is not possible to zero-out and permanently delete all the data from iPhone.

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Good question. I have read an article on Cnet which says iPhone "Erase content settings" and even "Restore" option does not erase or delete data from iPhone permanently. Your best bet is to manually delete the data before you sell your iPhone. No idea about any iPhone app that can erase personal iPhone data and reset all the settings.

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How do I permanently delete personal data from my iPhone? You want to erase iphone all data,you can try Coolmuster iPhone Data Eraser software to solve this problem.This tool can help erasr iphone contacts,photos,videos,messages,notes etc.
How can I erase all data from iphone

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The easy way to permanently delete personal data from your iPhone is using pro iOS Data Eraser program. After connecting iPhone to computer, open the program. A short time scanning later, you can directly delete all personal data, such as contacts, text messages, photos, call logs, videos and so on. And it's impossible to get them back.

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