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Is there a reliable place to get the Casio WQV3 Link software for the WQV-10 camera watch?

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I'm looking for the Casio WQV Link 3 software for the WQV-10 camera watch, lots of links promise a download, all so far fail to do so. Casio site is no use for download, in fact a search for the WQV-10 or WQV Link-3 fails to find any thing. Looks like yet another company has turned its back on its older products. Surely they could offer a link to down load the software!

I have the WQV-1, WQV-2 watches and have the V1.0 software for these, I cannot get my WQV-3 watch to connect or my latest purchase of the WQV-10, although I have the PAD-5 Ir receiver.

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Unfortunately, there is no available place to download the software for your product. The Casio website doesn't offer any help at all, and as you said, there are no downloads available. My advice is to get in contact with them and explain the situation. You can use the official phone numbers for this procedure.

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